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With the UK economy in a poor state of affairs and lenders holding on to their cash, obtaining credit is proving to be more and more difficult. Unless you have an excellent credit history, your application for credit is likely to be rejected. However there are certain things you can do to build your credit file to a better level and improve the chances of your credit application being approved by a lender.

Firstly you should apply a free credit check online, which you can easily do by simply doing a search in Google or one of the other major search engines. Usually you can get instant access to your free credit report, after only providing a few pieces of basic information to the credit reference agency you applied with.

Once you have access to your free credit report, carefully read through all the information the credit reference agency has detailed on your personal report, checking to make sure that all details are correct, especially paying close attention to whether your name is registered on the electoral register where you are currently residing and that your name (including middle names), surname and date of birth are correctly displayed.

You should carefully review the information on your credit report detailing any current or previous credit agreements you have/or have had. These will be seen by a lender when you apply for credit and therefore you want to ensure that only correct details are shown here. For example if you had a credit agreement with ABC Lender 12 months ago which you have settled in full, then this must be shown against the particular credit agreement on your credit file. If the finance company you had the agreement with have not updated your credit file, it may show as "outstanding" meaning, in theory the lender will see this as you have an outstanding debt with this particular financial organisation. If this is the case and you have paid the finance agreement in full without any issues, then you will be able to contact the finance company in question by taking their details from your free credit report.

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