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Adolescents need to include fruits and veggies in their daily diet and drink at least 8 full glasses of water every day. These marks usually form on the upper arms, lower back, thighs, buttocks, hips, breasts, and abdominal area of the body. Stretch Marks Are Among The Top Ten Hate List! Though these products are proven to be effective for most people, you may not achieve the same positive result. You can get an effective, affordable stretch mark treatment if you spend a little time to do some research. Furthermore, you need to have a healthy diet and regular exercise to prevent stretch marks from developing. One way to help reduce the visibility of the stretch marks is to find a good stretch mark cream that actually works. Exercise. Massage Your Skin This is a practice that is often overlooked but can really help with the prevention of stretch marks. Keep in mind the same cream can work differently for each person. If a cream has worked for the maximum number of people that you know of, chances are it will work for you also. nominal stretch mark cream that works momentarily best cream for stretch marks The cream helps remove striae and reduce cellulite formations that may cause additional marks. Stretch mark removal cream By far the most common approach with a range of products for every purse is the use of specialist creams and lotions. These collagen-based creams help by considerably reducing the intensity of the marks as well as the amount of stretch marks. However, there can be other reasons which may include rapid weight gain or loss, dry skin, heredity, etc. The marks typically appear during pregnancy or puberty when massive changes take place in your body in a very short period of time. There are hundreds of products that claim to remove stretch marks, many are so confident that you will see results they offer a money back guarantee. While this cream may not eliminate all of them completely, it can make a drastic improvement, especially for someone who feels self-conscious because of these marks. Other creams work in a different way with ingredients that include Hydrolyzed Collagen and Elastin, Beeswax, and Soy protein with similar great results. What You Should Know - Although this type of method is effective in removing old or aged stretch marks, the healing time is longer and the costs are higher as well.

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